Branch Architecture
Project Architect
Scott Bailey

The renovation of old farm houses is part of our regular stock and trade. Solidly built and well-weathered into their landscapes, these are buildings that are experiencing a change in the ideology their inhabitants: views and vistas have altered, energy efficiency technologies have challenged expectations of comfort, and contemporary living is very different from life on the farm 150 years ago.

Located near Consecon and with a wonderful view of the lake, the charm of this old 1-1/2 storey farm house was having trouble compensating for draftiness, cramped spaces, and a general arrangement that challenged the needs of 21st century life. Using the footprint of the existing wood shed as a guide, we conceived of an addition that would harbor the ground floor washroom and the laundry as well as providing for a new entrance, freeing up the rest of the house to embrace a more open concept plan.

Photo of Lakestock House